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Water Desalination Grant Program
2017 Grant Funding (Round 4)

The next round of desalination grant funding will be Round 4. The source of funds will be mainly $93,100,000 from Proposition 1. A small amount of Proposition 50 funds may also be included as they become available. See the Water Desalination Grant Program Overview page for a general description of the funding process.

The Grant Program Proposal Solicitation Package (PSP)

The guidelines for conducting the Round 4 are contained in the Final Proposal Solicitation Package (PSP).

The PSP contains detailed grant funding program information, including eligibility, application submittal process, review and award process, and program guidelines and requirements.

Final PSP. For a copy of the final PSP, click (PDF), (DOC).

There were two Public Workshops for implementation of the PSP. For a copy of the Notice of Public Workshops, click (PDF).

Project Types

This fourth round of grant funding includes funding for 5 types of projects as follows (see the PSP for full descriptions of project types):

  • Construction projects generally consists of the design and construction of a full-scale permanent desalination facility and related infrastructure to result in an operable municipal water supply project. A Construction project can include funding for design, but design will not be funded as a stand-alone project. Construction projects that depend upon future phases for an operable facility are not eligible.

  • Feasibility Study projects are used to determine the need for a water supply project, to analyze the alternatives to meet the project objective, to determine whether a desalination project is the “preferred alternative”, and if it is, to identify the implementation steps for the project.

  • Environmental Documentation projects are stand-alone projects for compliance with CEQA or National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) where the basic feasibility study has already been completed and there is a likelihood for initiation of a construction project. As a requirement for funding, the completed portions of the feasibility study must be submitted with the application.

  • Design Pilot project is a small-scale prototype for a full-scale project or a full-scale component of a project and is intended to refine design criteria, aid site selection, or study particular technologies or methodologies (conventional or innovative) for the purpose of implementing an already proposed full-scale municipal desalination facility.

  • Research Pilot projects are typically small-scale prototypes for a full-scale device, equipment, process, or other technology and are intended to advance the knowledge base of new desalination technology, related infrastructure, and by-products treatment and disposal.


April 3, 2017 Draft PSP posted online
May 8, 2017 Public Workshop for Draft PSP – Southern Region Ca
May 9, 2017 Public Workshop for Draft PSP – Central Valley Region Ca
May 10, 2017 Public Workshop for Draft PSP – Northern Region Ca
May 18, 2017 Comments on Draft PSP Due
June 16, 2017 Final PSP Release
August 1, 2017 Southern CA Public Workshop for Final PSP, Los Angeles -- Notice (PDF)
August 3, 2017 Central Coast CA Public Workshop for Final PSP, Monterey -- Notice (PDF)
September 1, 2017 Proposals Due, 5 pm PDT.
Mid December Announce Desalination Draft Funding Decision (Awards)
Early January Public Workshop for Draft Funding Awards – Sacramento
Mid January Announce Desalination Final Funding Decision
Late January Desalination Agreement Negotiations Begin
Winter 2018 Desalination Agreements Executed

Application Attachment Templates and Additional Guidance

The completed application will consist of both online submittal and one hard copy to DWR. The on-line Grant Review and Tracking System (GRanTS) has forms and questions that must be completed. In addition, up to 22 additional electronic files are to be provided to DWR as part of the grant application package. Links to the attachments with templates are provided below. For attachments with a provided template, the template is required to be used. The other attachments require the applicant to provide the requested information in files they create or as existing documents. Guidance is also provided below for Attachment 20, Economic Analysis. Templates and guidance are provided for:

  • Attachment 1 – Signature Page
  • Attachment 2 – Proposal Authorization
  • Attachment 3 – Other Participating Organizations
  • Attachment 4 – Funding Contributions
  • Attachment 10 – Project Budget
  • Attachment 11 – Project Schedule
  • Attachment 12 – Greenhouse Gas Estimation (Principle Desalination Component only)
  • Attachment 13 – Outreach, Community Involvement, and Acceptance
  • Attachment 20 – Economic Analysis
    • Guidance for Attachment 20, Economic Analysis (including Narrative Template). Click here.
    • Economic Analysis Computations Template. Click here.
  • Attachment 22 – Reduction or Waiver of Cost Share for Disadvantaged Communities or Economically Distressed an Areas.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Additional information on various topics and issues in the form of questions & answers. FAQs may be down loaded here. (DOC), (PDF).

State Funding Agreement (FA) Sample

A sample funding agreement has been provided for review here (DOC), (PDF). The actual agreement for Round 4 or subsequent funding may differ.

Draft PSP Archive

Documents related to the Draft PSP and related public review. Click here.

Mailing List Subscription

To receive e-mail notices of release of the final PSP, commencement of the application period, or other information alerts, click here. Select Desalination Program.

Need More Information

If you need any additional information, or if you have questions about the PSP, please contact DWR’s Water Recycling and Desalination Section chief, Richard Mills, at 916-651-0715 or by e-mail