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Draft Habitat Expansion Plan

As required by Section 4.1.3 of the HEA, DWR and PG&E (Licensees) prepared a Draft Habitat Expansion Plan (HEP) and submitted it to the HEA Signatories on November 20, 2009. The Draft HEP described how the first phase of the HEA had been implemented and presented the Licensees’ recommended actions.

In the Draft HEP, the Licensees identified two habitat expansion and enhancement actions that each met the goals, terms, and conditions of the HEA:

  1. Lower Yuba River Habitat Expansion Actions (Lower Yuba River Actions); and
  2. Battle Creek, Big Chico Creek, and Antelope Creek Habitat Expansion Actions (Three-Creek Actions).

The Licensees proposed to select one of these two groups of actions to be included in the Final HEP and, ultimately, implemented under the HEA.

Questionnaires Submitted to Licensees to Identify and Evaluate Habitat Restoration Actions

targeted watersheds
Targeted Watersheds for Habitat Expansion Actions