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What else is going on in the Yolo Bypass?

photo of Bypass Scour Channel Survey. Photo Credit: Nancy Snodgrass

Studies: DWR’s Aquatic Ecology Section conducts studies and monitoring in the Yolo Bypass. Visit their Yolo Bypass Research Page for more information and a link to their publications. For more information on studies and research in the Yolo Bypass, see the following webpages: UC Davis, Yolo Basin Foundation, and CalTrout's information on the Knaggs Ranch Experimental Agricultural Floodplain Habitat Investigation (cooperative partnership).

Plans: The Yolo Bypass has been the focus of many planning efforts. More information is available on efforts and planning documents that may address ecosystem restoration in the Yolo Bypass.

Other Projects Within the Yolo Bypass, several other projects which provide multiple benefits have recently been completed or are underway.