Groundwater Info Center
Groundwater Level Monitoring

DWR and cooperating federal, state and local agencies, measure groundwater levels in thousands of monitoring wells throughout the state. The DWR Regions develop databases for groundwater levels, and report hydrologic data and historic groundwater levels.

Water Data Library (WDL)

WDL contains hydrologic data (groundwater level data and some groundwater quality data) for over 35,000 wells California. The data is collected by DWR Region Offices and dozens of local and federal cooperators. WDL's easy on-line data retrieval provides information quickly!
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Water Well Drought Maps

Drought maps showing groundwater levels in specific Central Valley well locations, and the effect on representative groundwater basins are available at the DWR's Water Conditions website.
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For more information on groundwater level monitoring activities in your area, go to the appropriate DWR Region below.