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Public Comments - Basin Boundary Regulations
Comments Received on Draft Basin Boundary Emergency Regulations

During the comment period, DWR solicited feedback on the draft emergency regulations. Comments received by September 4, 2015 are posted below.

Commenter(s) Submitted By Date
Commenter(s) Submitted By Date
Clean Water Fund Jennifer Clary 9/04/2015
Morongo Band of Mission Indians John Covington 9/04/2015
California Farm Bureau Federation Justin E. Fredrickson 9/04/2015
Golden State Water Company Toby B. Moore 9/04/2015
County of San Bernardino Bob Page 9/04/2015
Yuba County Water Agency Scott Matyac 9/04/2015
Jackson | DeMarco | Tidus | Peckenpaugh Michele A. Staples 9/04/2015
California Water Association Jack Hawks 9/04/2015
Alameda County Water District Steven D. Inn 9/04/2015
Chino Basin Water Master Bradley J. Herrema 9/04/2015
Santa Clara Valley Water District Vanessa De La Piedra 9/04/2015
Mendocino County Farm Bureau Frost Pauli 9/04/2015
County of Mendocino Carmel J. Angelo 9/04/2015
Kings River Conservation District Eric C. Osterling 9/04/2015
Law Office of Patrick J. Maloney Thomas S. Virsik 9/04/2015
Sonoma County Water Agency James Jasperse 9/04/2015
San Joaquin Tributaries Authority Valerie C. Kincaid 9/04/2015
Westlands Water District Philip A. Williams 9/04/2015
Soquel Creek Water District Melanie Schumacher 9/04/2015
Orange County Water District Adam Hutchinson 9/03/2015
San Joaquin County Department of Public Works Brandon Nakagawa 9/03/2015
Association of California Water Agencies David Bolland 9/03/2015
Templeton Community Services District Jeff Briltz 9/03/2015
Butte County Department of Water and Resource Conservation Paul Gosselin 9/03/2015
Young Wooldridge LLP Ernest Conant 9/02/2015
California State Association of Counties Karen Keene 9/02/2015
George Pendell George Pendell 9/01/2015
Association of California Water Agencies David Boland 8/31/2015
Gualco Group Robert Gore 8/31/2015
Willy Cunha Willy Cunha 8/31/2015
Barona Band of Mission Indians Art Bunce 8/31/2015
Sacramento Groundwater Authority John Woodling 8/31/2015
Mary Russell Mary Russell 8/30/2015
Ann Myhre Ann Myhre 8/25/2015
Santa Barbara County Water Agency Matt Naftaly 8/20/2015
San Lorenzo Valley Water District Brian E. Lee 8/07/2015
County of Inyo Water Department Robert Harrington 8/04/2015
Mojave Water Agency Tony Winkel 7/28/2015
Shasta County Department of Public Works Charleen Beard 7/22/2015