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Communication and Outreach

Governor Brown noted upon signing the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) that groundwater is best managed at the local level, and that the State's primary role is to provide guidance and support. The California Water Action Plan, SGMA, and provisions of Proposition 1 (Water Bond) direct the State to provide assistance to local agencies. Successful implementation is directly tied to effective communication and outreach, in addition to coordination at all levels of government. The SGMA requires DWR to develop regulations and tools, provide data and information, and provide support to local and regional agencies as they take on central roles in managing their groundwater basins and advancing the California Water Action Plan. California water management needs are diverse and implementation of the SGMA necessitates timely, forthright, and consistent communication among all partners and stakeholders.

In addition to communication, proactive outreach to and engagement of partners and stakeholders is essential to achieving sustainable groundwater management at the local and regional level. Local and regional agencies in turn must reach out to keep local citizens, groundwater users, and stakeholders informed. Adaptive, practical, and two-way communication is essential to establishing and maintaining the partnerships needed. The Strategic Plan provides an overview of DWR's initial plan for communication, outreach, and coordination with partners. The key audiences for the outreach effort include:

  • State, Federal and Tribal Governments: Governor's Administration, Legislature and key State and federal agencies, tribes
  • Regional and local governments and agencies: Water and groundwater management agencies and districts; land use entities such as counties and cities
  • Other stakeholders: Non-governmental organizations representing water, groundwater, environmental, environmental justice, and agriculture interests as well as universities
  • The public
Advisory Groups

The advisory groups will help DWR come to a common understanding of the various issues as DWR develops the regulations and guidelines as part of the implementation. A list of the advisory groups and information about the advisory group meetings and communication efforts can be found on the Advisory Group page.

DWR will occasionally meet with water agency and county officials to ensure specific regional issues are discussed and well understood, and to ensure communication throughout the process.

Region Office Contacts

DWR provides a variety of Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) related resources to assist water management groups and the public. Sustainable Groundwater Management Program will continue utilizing the established regional resources for communication and outreach within your region. Regional Coordinators serve as primary points of contact for communication and outreach with local stakeholders.

All high and medium priority basins are assigned a Point of Contact from DWR Region Offices. These POCs are to assist GSAs and stakeholders in the basin to connect with the Sustainable Groundwater Management Program and locate resources for assistance.

Find POCs for groundwater basins in:

Public Information Contact

Lauren Hersh
Information Officer II
Public Affairs Office
1416 Ninth Street
P.O. Box 942836
Sacramento, CA 94236