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Central Valley Hatchery Project Work Team

The Central Valley Hatchery Project Work Team, a satellite team of the Central Valley Salmonid Project Work Team, facilitates communication and information exchange related to the propagation and distribution of Chinook salmon and steelhead from Central Valley hatcheries, including Livingston Stone National Fish Hatchery, Coleman National Fish Hatchery, Feather River Hatchery, Nimbus Fish Hatchery, Mokelumne River Hatchery, and Merced River Hatchery. The team provides a forum for interagency coordination among hatchery managers and supervisors, and between hatchery managers and agency and stakeholder biologists involved in the management of Central Valley fisheries and recovery of listed stocks. The team will review issues related to Central Valley hatchery production and make recommendations for improved hatchery management.

Issues to be discussed by the team may include:

  • Coordinated implementation of the constant fractional marking program,
  • Evaluation of the results of marking/tagging studies, including fishery impact and stray rates,
  • Coordinated development of Hatchery and Genetic Management Plans,
  • Evaluation of release strategies, including survival and stray rates,
  • Evaluation of the effects of inter-basin transfers,
  • Evaluation of fish production goals for conservation, species recovery, mitigation and enhancement, in relation to fishery management goals,
  • Evaluation of fish culture techniques including fish health management, broodstock management, and spawning and rearing protocols,
  • Invasive species issues and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point training.

The project work team meets bi-annually.

Contact Information:
Kevin Niemela, USFWS
Phone: (530) 527-3043