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Archive - 2014 IEP Workshop
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IEP Agencies cooperatively hold public workshops and other events to discuss and review IEP's monitoring and research activities and results.

2014 Workshop Summary

ConferenceThe Interagency Ecological Program (IEP) for the San Francisco Estuary held its 2014 Annual Workshop at the Lake Natoma Inn in Folsom, CA, on February 26th - 28th 2014. The 2014 Annual IEP Workshop was coordinated with the California Water and Environmental Modeling Forum (CWEMF, The CWEMF meeting also took place at the Lake Natoma Inn at Folsom, from February 24th - 26th 2014. Joint CWEMF/IEP sessions were held on February 26, 2014 and were open to all registered IEP and CWEMF meeting participants. A special collaborative evening social was held on Wednesday February 26, 2014.

IEP Technical Session Topics Included:

→ Collaborative Evening Social and Panel Discussion: Science Priorities for Planning and Implementing Ecosystem Restoration

→ Modeling Ecological Responses to Management Actions

→ Recent Research in Salmon Ecology

→ Evaluating Recovery Actions for Salmonids

→ News from the Sturgeon World

→ Advances in Uses of Biomarkers to Evaluate Stressor Effects

→ Contaminants: Patterns of Presence and Effects

→ Lower Tropic Level Dynamics: From Nutrients to Zooplankton

→ Fall Outflow: Updates from Fall Low Salinity Habitat Studies

Final Agenda

IEP Poster Reception: The poster reception will be held immediately following the workshop on Thursday February 27, 2014 in the Pavilion at Lake Natoma Inn. The deadline for abstract submission is midnight January 28, 2014. You will be notified on January 31, 2014 if your abstract was accepted. We will also be hosting a Poster Poetry Slam. This entertaining and creative opportunity for all poster presenters is THE chance to give a brief introduction (30 60 seconds or less) of their poster in any format.

Back by Popular Demand: The IEP will again host a Student-Mentor lunch for students and early-career professionals in 2014. Students will be matched with established professionals for a chance to discuss research interests and career-building. The luncheon will be held on Thursday, February 27th. Space is limited and advance sign-up is required. If you are interested in participating as a student or a mentor, please let Kathy Hieb ( know by February 7, 2014 and also complete the online registration process by February 19, 2014”. You must complete the online registration process by February 19, 2014 as a requirement for participation.

Registration: The online registration fee for the 2014 IEP workshop is $130. Fee reductions for students or partial attendance are not available. Please contact Kelly Souza at for any questions regarding registration. Online registration will be open from January 13, 2014 – February 19, 2014. Onsite registration will be available for $145. Check and credit card are acceptable methods of payment. Registration

New This year: An evening social event will be held offiste on Wednesday evening, February 26, 2014 at Sudwerks Brewhouse Grille. This informal event will provide the IEP and CWEMF communities an opportunity to engage in collaborative group discussions about science priorities for planning and implementing ecosystem restoration. Ideas emerging from these discussions will inform a panel discussion on the last day of the IEP Workshop as well as the Delta Science Program's Interim Science Action Agenda. While the offsite evening event is informal and participation is completely voluntary, we expect active contribution to the group discussions from all participants. Space is limited!! If you have ideas about this evening social that you would like the planning committee to consider, contact Anke Mueller-Solger ( or (916) 275-8727.