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Proposition 84 Implementation Grants

Implementation Grants are designed for projects that are ready or nearly ready to proceed to implementation.

Applicants seeking to apply for an IRWM Implementation Grant will need to have engaged in the IRWM Planning process, and adhere to both the Guidelines and appropriate Proposal Solicitation Package (PSP) relevant to the current funding. Information relating to each IRWM Implementation Grant program including current PSP's are provided below. PSPs for previous grant program can be found within the Proposition 84 Archives.


Contact Phone Number Email
Program Manager Zaffar Eusuff (916) 651-9266
Project Manager Keith Wallace (916) 651-9624

2015 Grant Solicitation
Final Awards

DWR has awarded approximately $232 million to 26 proposals. Detailed information regarding the award can be found at the following links:

On August 7, 2015, DWR received 37 grant applications requesting a total of $306.5 million in IRWM grant funds for proposals totaling in excess of $1.1 billion for the 2015 Grant Solicitation. On October 29, 2015, DWR released the Draft Funding Recommendations and the Proposal Evaluations for submitted applications. These evaluations can be found on the Archives page for Proposition 84. Public Comments submitted on the Draft Funding Recommendations are posted on the Public Comments page under Proposition 84.

All Implementation Grant funds have been awarded. No additional solicitations to be conducted.