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pressrelease Blue-Green Algal Bloom Declining in Pyramid Lake; Swimming Now Allowed with Caution
SACRAMENTO – The cyanobacteria (blue-green) algal bloom that was first detected in Pyramid Lake in late June is subsiding, according to the Department of Water Resources (DWR). Recent sampling for microcystin toxins in the water showed that levels have declined, and there are no recreational restrictions at the lake at this time. However, the public is advised to use caution as cyanobacteria may still be present in the lake. Because algal blooms can form and die off fairly rapidly, DWR continues to test the water and will update this advisory if conditions change. (07/25/2016)
pressrelease Blue-Green Algal Bloom Persists in Pyramid Lake; No-Swimming Advisory Remains in Effect
SACRAMENTO – The cyanobacteria (blue-green) algal bloom that was first detected in Pyramid Lake in late June is continuing, according to the Department of Water Resources (DWR). Recent sampling for microcystin toxins in the water showed levels high enough for DWR to continue its warning to the public to not swim in the lake until further notice. (07/22/2016)
pressrelease Public Urged To Avoid Algal Bloom in Pyramid Lake
A large algal bloom has developed in Pyramid Lake, located in Los Angeles County, and the public is advised to avoid body contact with the water and take precautions during recreation at the lake. (07/13/2016)
pressrelease DWR/Local Groundwater Monitoring Partnership Expands and Improves
The latest update on California’s efforts to track groundwater shows that 94 percent of the State’s 127 high- and medium-priority groundwater basins are fully monitored (07/12/2016)
State Fair DWR Unveils Conservation: The California Lifestyle at State Fair
Making conservation a way of life in California is the focus of three beautiful, information-packed exhibits by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR) at the California State Fair in Sacramento.
The exhibits, entitled Conservation: The California Lifestyle, are on display over the next 17 days for State Fair attendees who want to learn how to embrace water conservation as a way of life. (07/08/2016)
pressrelease DWR Releases Draft of Approved Changes to California Groundwater Basin Boundaries
SACRAMENTO – The California Department of Water Resources (DWR) today released a draft of its approved changes to California’s groundwater basin boundaries, taking an essential step in implementing the historic Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) and empowering local agencies to bring groundwater basins into sustainable patterns of pumping and recharge. (07/01/2016)
pressrelease Caution Urged along Feather River in Oroville
Flows on the Feather River through Oroville are higher than usual, and anglers, swimmers, kayakers, and other river users are asked to use caution this holiday weekend.
The flow in the section of the Feather River that runs through Oroville increased this week from 3,200 cubic feet per second (cfs) to 4,000 cfs as the Department of Water Resources releases water from Lake Oroville to meet water supply needs downstream. Visitors to the river are urged to wear properly fitting life jackets and be aware of the increased risk from higher, stronger currents. (07/01/2016)
Oroville fireworks DWR Welcomes the Public to the Independence Day Celebration at Lake Oroville
The skies over Lake Oroville in Northern California will sparkle with red, white and blue as DWR proudly supports Oroville's 2016 Fourth of July fireworks celebration.
The Tallest Dam Independence Day Celebration, organized by the Rotary Club of Oroville, will occur on Monday, July 4th. Food and drink vendors will be set up on the dam and in the Spillway parking lot by late-afternoon. Free parking is available at the Oroville Dam Overlook parking lots and Visitors Center beginning at 9 a.m. Traffic on top of Oroville Dam will become one way (going in) at 3 p.m. Oroville Dam will close to all vehicular traffic at 5 p.m., or earlier if the Spillway parking lot is full. (07/01/2016)

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