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Every year, the Department of Water Resources issues technical bulletins, reports, and other publications and media documenting the measurement, protection, use, and management of California's water resources. This DWR Publications Repository is a partial and growing list of the publications and other media produced and distributed by the Department.

In this list you find a variety of types of publications and other media ranging from print material, to audio and video files. If the publication or other media is available in electronic format, a link will point to the appropriate electronic file. In many cases, publications are only available in hardcopy and cannot be downloaded. A contact phone number and email will be provided for cases where an electronic download is not available.

Please use the Comments or Suggestions link in the footer to request an accessible version of text-based documents.

If you are searching for a particular publication or media item, and cannot find it, for more information, please contact:
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In addition to this Publications Repository, the Department of Water Resources publications, including those that are now out-of-print, are distributed to many California libraries and to libraries in other states and the District of Columbia. is a useful web site to search library collections in your community and thousands more around the world. (Link will open in a new browser window.)

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Toggle Image Upper Eel River Development Interim Report Office Report 08/01/1966 (PDF, 3.42 MB)
Description: In July 1964, the Department initiated an Advance Planning Program of the Upper Eel River Development. The initial objective of the program was to select the most favorable conveyance route for delivering project water from the Middle Fork Eel River to the Sacramento Valley. This report summarizes the water quality studies which were made for route selection.
Toggle Image Upper Feather River Lakes 08/01/1987
Description: The three Upper Feather River Lakes—Antelope, Frenchman, and Davis—provide local water supply, releases for fish habitat, and great fishing. This brochure explains the history, describes recreational opportunities, and provides statistics of each lake.
This publication is not available electronically. To inquire further, please contact:
Publications Clerk at (916) 653-1097 or
Toggle Image Upper Sacramento River Fisheries and Riparian Habitat Management Plan 1989 (PDF, 24.41 MB)
Description: This report recommends actions to restore salmon and steelhead trout resources and will preserver and increase critical riparian habitat along the Sacramento River and its major tributaries.
Toggle Image Upper Yuba River Studies Program Water Temperature Monitoring Technical Memorandum 2007 (PDF, 120 KB)
Description: In 2006, CH2M HILL entered into an agreement with the Department of Water Resources to download and maintain the high priority data loggers deployed under the Upper Yuba River Studies Program. This technical memorandum describes maintenance and instream data collection activities. A summary of the temperature monitoring sites, their period of record and status of loggers as of October 2007 is included in the memorandum.
Toggle Image Upper Yuba River Watershed Chinook Salmon and Steelhead Habitat Assessment 2007 (PDF, 7.94 MB)
Description: This document, prepared by the Upper Yuba River Studies Program Study Team, presents the results of data collection, field studies, and modeling conducted by the study team to characterize current habitat conditions in the upper Yuba River watershed and assess whether the available habitat upstream of Englebright Dam is capable of supporting Chinook salmon and steelhead.
Toggle Image Urban Drought Guidebook 2008 (PDF, 2.70 MB)
Description: To help local agencies and communities prepare for the possibility of another dry year and possible water supply interruptions, the Department of Water Resources is pleased to publish this updated version of the Urban Drought Guidebook. Drought, climate change, natural disasters, and environmental protections can all affect water supplies. Good planning and preparation can help agencies maintain reliable supplies and reduce the impacts of supply interruptions.
Toggle Image Urban Water Management Plans Summary of the Status (2000) 12/01/2001 (PDF, 803 KB)
Description: This report is respectfully submitted to the Legislature pursuant to the requirements of the Urban Water Management Planning Act, sections 10610 through 10653 of the Water Code. Section 10644 of the Act requires the Department of Water Resources (Department) to evaluate the Urban Water Management Plans (UWMP) adopted by urban water suppliers and submitted to the Department (no later than 30 days after adoption) and updating once every five years, on or before December 31 in years ending in five and zero. Water Code section 10644(b) requires the Department to prepare and submit a report to the Legislature, by December 31 of each year ending in six and one, summarizing the status of the plans and identifying the outstanding elements of individual plans prepared.
Toggle Image Urban Water Management Plans Summary of the Status (2005) 12/31/2006 (PDF, 513 KB)
Description: A report to the Legislature pursuant to Section 10644(b) of the California Water Code
Toggle Image Urban Water Use in California (Bulletin 166-4) 08/01/1994
Description: In 1968, the Department began the Bulletin 166 series focusing on urban water use in California. This bulletin periodically updates historical urban water use data. Some objectives of the Bulletin 166 series are to: Prepare data and analysis for updating the California Water Plan, for use in other planning studies, and for general public information; Provide basic water use information including summaries of urban water production, delivery, and related data from local water agencies; Summarize historical water data and analyze trends in water use by hydrologic regions and major categories of use; Quantify self-supplied water use; Describe methods for forecasting future water requirements; and Assess the effects of water conservation practices.
Toggle Image Urbanization on carbon loads - Revised figure 6 11/01/2007 (PDF, 78 KB)
Description: MWQI - Publication
Toggle Image Urbanization on carbon loads sac river 11/01/2001 (PDF, 1.22 MB)
Description: MWQI - Journal Publication
Toggle Image Use of Sodium Sulfate Separated from Agricultural Drainage Water in Glass Making: Final Report 2006 (PDF, 4.26 MB)
Description: Prepared for DWR by UC Davis, Departments of Geology & Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Toggle Image Using Future Climate Projections to Support Water Resources Decision Making in California 05/30/2009 (PDF, 3.87 MB)
Description: This paper presents several advances in using future climate projection information in water resources planning, such as an improved understanding of how well selected climate models represent historical climate conditions and refined methodologies for representing streamflows, outdoor urban and agricultural water demands, and sea level rise in planning tools. Twelve climate projections were used to assess the future reliability of California’s main water supply projects.