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SWP Publications

SWP Recreation

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SWP Recreation Brochure




This handy brochure lists the kinds of recreation available at different SWP lakes and reservoirs. It provides phone numbers and addresses of the parties responsible for recreation at each site.

This brochure is also available in electronic format:   English (572K .pdf)     Spanish (463K .pdf)

Lake Oroville Recreation Brochure




This handy brochure provides valuable information to the recreationist looking for things to do in and around the lake. One side describes the activities available and the other provides a detailed map of where and how to get there.


This brochure is also available in electronic format:   English (965K .pdf)

Lake Oroville Floating Campsites




Along with floating campsite reservation information and directions to Lake Oroville, this brochure provides a list of what's on board of each floating campsite and the rules and regulations for each.


This brochure is available in electronic format here (1.6MB .pdf English).