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2006 North-of-the-Delta Offstream Storage Initial Alternatives Information Report
Sites Reservoir Area
The NODOS IAIR was completed in May 2006 and made available to the public in October.


Or by sections:

  • Executive Summary (pdf 1.00 MB)
  • Table of Contents (pdf 554 KB)
  • Ch.1 (pdf 608 KB) Introduction and Background
  • Ch.2 (pdf 136 KB) Related Studies, Projects and Programs
  • Ch.3 (pdf 1.11 MB) Without-Project Conditions
  • Ch.4 (pdf 138 KB) Problems, Needs, and Oppurtunities
  • Ch.5 (pdf 91.5 KB) Plan Formulation Approach
  • Ch.6 (pdf 586 KB) Resource Management Measures
  • Ch.7 (pdf 90.5 KB) Development of Initial Alternative Concepts
  • Ch.8 (pdf 66.1 KB) Study Management and Public Involvement
  • Ch.9 (pdf 39.9 KB) Future Actions
  • Ch.10 (pdf 52.4 KB) Summary of Findings
  • Ch.11 (pdf 45.1 KB) References
  • Appendix A (pdf 49.3 KB) Local Climate and Water Resources
  • Appendix B (pdf 51.8 KB) Geology and Soils  
  • Appendix C (pdf 88.2 KB) Botanical Surveys   
  • Appendix D (pdf 307 KB) Biological Surveys  
  • Appendix E (pdf 51.8 KB) Cultural Resource Surveys  
  • Appendix F (pdf 1.19 MB) Preliminary Measures Screening - CALFED and NODOS Investigations
  • Appendix G (pdf 4.72 MB) Potential Reservoir Sites 

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