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State Water Project Annual Report of Operations

The Annual Report of Operations for the State Water Project provide the State Water Service Contractors, public agencies, consultants, and others with the monthly and end-of-year status of the Project's water and power operations. The SWP Annual Reports have been published since 1974: those from 1975 on are available through the links below. New reports are added as they become available.

The files below are in Portable Document Format (PDF) and require a PDF reader to view (Adobe Reader, a free PDF reader, can be obtained using the link at the bottom of the page). Beginning in 1989, the files were created from electronic sources, so the data in them can be copied and pasted into other documents for further processing. Prior to 1989 the files were created from scanned paper originals, so any data extracted from them has not been vetted and should not be considered reliable.

The Annual Reports summarize water and power operations of the California State Water Project. Although the reports in this series are published after the reference year, they document the official record of operations and provide an important source of historical data. These reports summarize the data from and include revisions to data previously published in the monthly 'State Water Project Operations Data' reports.

For additional data requests, historic operational water data for the State Water Project is compiled and maintained by the Project Records and Reports Section, at the Joint Operations Center, for the Department of Water Resources. We can supply data that is formatted for public use, is non-sensitive and non-controversial.

Normally it is most helpful to us if requestors provide the following:
A date range of years, months, or days that the data will cover.
Units of measure, usually acre-feet or CFS.
Specific plants, facilities, reservoirs.
Format, EXCEL, ASCII text, hard copy, etc.
Granularity, hours, days, weeks, monthly, or annual.
A statement on the purpose for, or how you intend to use the data.

Printed copies of this report may be available for a fee. For details, please contact:

State of California
Department of Water Resources
P.O. Box 942836
Sacramento, CA 94236-0001


DWR Publications Desk
(916) 653-1097

Please direct questions and comments regarding the contents of this report to the Operations Records and Reports Section at (916) 574-2677 or

Adobe Reader is required for viewing the Annual Reports of Operations. The size of the individual annual reports vary from 500 kb to 3 mb.

Link to obtain Adobe Reader
1975 (12 mb) 1976 (15 mb) 1977 (15 mb)  
1978 (17 mb) 1979 (7 mb) 1980 (6 mb)  
1981 (7 mb) 1982 (8 mb) 1983 (35 mb)  
1984 (11 mb) 1985 (33 mb) 1986 (2.5 mb)  
1987 (2.1 mb) 1988 (1.8 mb) 1989 (2.1 mb)  
1990 (1.8 mb) 1991 (530 kb) 1992 (554 kb)  
1993 (733 kb) 1994 (728 kb) 1995 (520 kb)  
1996 (478 kb) 1997 (642 kb) 1998 (744 kb)  
1999 (718 kb) 2000 (688 kb) 2001 (725 kb)  
2002 (877 kb) 2003* (888 kb) 2004* (889 kb)  
2005* (889 kb) 2006* (888 kb) 2007* (889 kb)  
2008* (888 kb) 2009 (891 kb) 2010* (889 kb)  
2011* (888 kb) 2012* (891 kb) 2013* (889 kb)  
2014* (888 kb)
* Summary version.