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Water Delivery Analysis and Documentation Branch

The Water Delivery Analysis and Documentation Branch is responsible for a diverse set of functions including scheduling and classifying water deliveries and administering the turnout authorization and special water supply programs processes. The sections performing these functions are described below:

The Water Deliveries Section receives monthly water delivery schedules from the SWP contractors and coordinates monthly delivery requests with the DWR Operations staff (which, in turn addresses day-to-day contractor deliveries in the field and perform studies to determine water allocations). The Water Deliveries Section also works with field operators, the SWPAO water contracts staff, and SWP contractors to classify water deliveries in accordance with the Long-Term Water Supply Contracts and other agreements. So-called "Table A" maximum water allocations are listed by contractor in this table.

Aqueduct-Antelope Valley

In addition, the Section provides actual and the requested water deliveries information to the SWPAO Power Branch and Cost Branch to address power studies and billing concerns. This Section also compiles historical delivery information and provides water delivery information for the annual "Management of the California State Water Project" Bulletin 132 series.

The Turnouts and Special Projects Section administers the turnout authorization process and several special water supply programs including the Article 21 Program and the Turnback Pool Program. Turnout structures allow for the delivery of SWP water to the contractors' local service areas from the California Aqueduct, North or South Bay Aqueducts, the Coast Branch Aqueduct, or other SWP facilities. The turnout authorization process involves coordinating approval of turnout designs; executing agreements for the design, construction, and operation of the turnout structures; and addressing appropriate environmental regulations. This work includes extensive review by and coordination among the SWP Contractors, DWR design engineers, field staff, and contracts staff.

The Article 21 Program provides water supplies to SWP Contractors when water in excess of the current SWP need is available. Program terms are described in a Notice to State Water Project Contractors for the applicable year.

The Turnback Pool is the means for SWP Contractors to sell unused Table A water supply to other SWP Contractors. The terms of the Program are described in a Notice to State Water Project Contractors for the applicable year.

Completed East Branch Turnout

A completed turnout on the California Aqueduct East Branch.

Turnout under construction, using cofferdam

Turnout under construction using cofferdam on the California Aqueduct.

Turnout under construction in drained section of the South Bay Aqueduct

Turnout under construction on a drained section of the South Bay Aqueduct.

For additional information regarding the Water Deliveries and Data Analysis Branch, please contact Branch Chief, Tasmin Eusuff.