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UWMPs - 2005

Complete Urban Water Management Plans

By clicking on the link below, you will be taken to a screen that shows the folder names of the various agencies that have submitted Urban Water Management Plans (UWMP) that were determined by DWR to be 'complete'.

When the page of folders appears, double-clicking on the folder name will open a list of one or more files that can be read for that agency.


Any plans not represented here can be requested from Urban Water Management at


The 2005 Guidebook was the guidance document prepared by DWR to support preparation of UWMPs by water suppliers. Caution should be used when referring to this document because portions of the legislation have changed.


In 2006, DWR submitted Summary of the Status of 2005 Urban Water Management Plans to the State Legislature. This document summarized the status of the 2005 UWMP submittals received at the time of the preparation of the Legislative Report and documented key highlights in the UWMPs, as determined by DWR.