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UWMPs - 2010

2010 Urban Water Management Plans

2010 UWMP Data

DWR and urban water suppliers have entered 2010 urban water management plan data into a database using the DWR On-Line Submittal Tool (DOST). Follow this link to the 2010 Data Page that provides links to a number of queries and reports developed from this dataset.

Currently not all of the urban water management plan data has been entered into the database. Each report provided will list the date it was produced and the number of plans from which the query pulled data. The database also contains data from plans that have not yet been reviewed by DWR.

DWR’s Report to the Legislature on 2010 UWMPs

The Urban Water Management Planning Act requires DWR to submit a report to the legislature summarizing the status of submitted urban water management plans.

Part 1 of the Legislative Report on 2010 UWMPs was submitted to the Legislature in June of 2012 and can be found here.

Part 2 of the Legislative Report on 2010 UWMPs is currently under preparation and will be posted to this page upon completion.

2010 UWMP Guidebook

View the 2010 Urban Water Management Plans submitted to DWR

View the list of 2010 UWMPs that have addressed the requirements of the California Water Code


Click the link below to open a page that lists the folder files for water suppliers that have submitted Urban Water Management Plans (UWMPs).

When the folder page appears, click the folder name to open links to the documents contained within the folder.

Please note, the webpage does not contain all plans received. Although we endeavor to post all UWMPs, the process takes time. Please check the webpage for updates; we upload plans regularly.

2010 UWMPs

Plans not listed may be requested from Urban Water Management by contacting Peter Brostrom at the e-mail address