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  • Provides expertise to local agencies and individuals regarding agricultural and urban water and energy conservation, reclamation and reuse of water, land and water use, and drainage management.
  • Manages the California Irrigation Management Information System (CIMIS), which collects data from over 140 automated weather stations throughout the State. CIMIS provides reference evapotranspiration (ETo) and weather data to the public for irrigation scheduling and other purposes such as water balance analyses, pest management, energy generation, fire fighting, weather forecasting, and scientific research.
  • Assists in establishing mobile laboratories that conduct irrigation system evaluations.
  • Carries out data analysis, demonstration projects, and research to achieve energy and water use efficiency.
  • Provides loans and grants to make more efficient use of water and energy resources.

Latest News

    The Governor’s Drought State of Emergency Proclamation reporting for measure #2

  • Water Shortage Emergency Rate Structures Webinar – Meeting Announcement (.pdf)
  • Recording of Water Shortage Emergency Rate Structure Webinar
  • Local urban water suppliers and municipalities are called upon to implement their local water shortage contingency plans immediately in order to avoid or forestall outright restrictions that could become necessary later in the drought season. Local water agencies should also update their legally required urban and agricultural water management plans, which help plan for extended drought conditions. The Department of Water Resources will make the status of these updates publicly available.
  • Agricultural Water Suppliers

  • Agricultural water suppliers must prepare and adopt an Agricultural Water Management Plan (AWMP) no later than December 31, 2012, update it on December 31, 2015, and on or before December 31 every five years thereafter. Agricultural water suppliers that supply water to more than 25,000 irrigated acres, less supplied recycled water, are required to submit AWMP’s. AWMP contents are outlined in Section 10826 of the Water Code. Agricultural water suppliers also are required by the Water Code §10608.48(d) to report on EWMPs that have been implemented and those that are planned to be implemented, an estimate of efficiency improvements achieved, and efficiency improvements expected in the next five and ten years and report to the Department of Water Resources. As of January 29, 2014, 29 plans were received of the estimated 55 water agencies required to submit representing 53 percent compliancy. Another 12 suppliers voluntarily submitted AWMP’s. The results are outlined in the table and maps below.
  • 2012 Agricultural Water Management Plans Received
  • Urban Water Management Plans

  • The 2010 UWMPs must be adopted by July 1, 2011 and submitted to DWR by August 1, 2011. Usually, UWMPs are due on December 31 of years ending in 0 and 5, but a 6-month extension has been granted for submittal of the 2010 UWMPs to provide additional time for water suppliers to address the SB X7-7 requirements(Division 6 Part 2.6 of the Water Code §10610 - 10656). Every urban water supplier that either provides over 3,000 acre-feet of water annually or serves more than 3,000 connections is required to assess the reliability of its water sources over a 20-year planning horizon considering normal, dry, and multiple dry years. This assessment is to be included in its UWMP, which is to be prepared every 5 years and submitted to the Department of Water Resources.

    Below is the status of Urban Water Management Plan review as of March 26, 2014, including a link to a list of the submittal status for each individual agency.

    • 43 plans have not been submitted
    • 240 plans submitted and addressed Water Code requirements
    • 85 plans submitted and awaiting or under review
    • 70 plans submitted, reviewed and status pending
    • 1 plan submitted and Water Code requirements not addressed

  • 2010 Urban Water Management Plan Submittal Status March 26, 2014